Mighty God, His Praise… A double from the Bekes


Mighty God, His Praise… A double from the Bekes

It was a joyous moment for the singing couple, Damilola and Olubukunola Bekes, as they released their individual albums. Unveiled recently at the Incubator, Victoria Island, Lagos, the formal launch, which was graced by dignitaries, especially from the Redeemed Christian Church of God family (RCCG), including Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye, turned into a sort of concert, as the couple thrilled the gathering with energetic live performance.

"I'm very happy today; I thank God for making this event a success. For Mummy Adeboye to have left her busy schedule to be here today for our album launch, is a blessing for us. Look at the love people have shown to us today; it is beyond my imagination," excited Damilola said, even as guests kept shaking and hugging him for a job well done.

A brilliant saxophonist, Damilola's latest album, His Praise, is an instrumental piece laced with jazz and vocal blends. Every song in the new work preaches the awesomeness of God, which actually informed the choice of the title.

"God has been good to us and the only way to pay him back is to give him praise; that's why I did this album. If you listen to the songs, you would observe that I paid more attention to praising God, singing about His goodness. This is an album that will surely bless and touch lives; it will heal the sick and deliver those that need deliverance. It will go a long way and I believe it will be a blessing to those that listen to it," he said.

A 10-track album, His Praise, produced by Damilola and Nathan Akiremi (Flo), has songs such as Worthy, Thank You, Iranlowo, Ope, I Need Thee and others.

On the other hand, Olubukunola's album titled, Mighty God, is a 14-track work that preaches about the greatness of God. A mixture of worship, highlife and other forms of music, the album has songs such as Mighty God, Jesu Oba, Nigeria Is Going Higher, Oruko Oluwa, Softly and Tenderly, by which the singer seems prepared to carve a niche for herself in the industry.

"There is no word to describe how mighty God is; you can just say something about His greatness but that can't be enough considering how glorious our God is. The album talks about the faithfulness of God; I think the title is apt enough because God is really mighty and his glory will last forever," Olubukunola said.

Though the industry is presently flooded with hip-hop and R&B works, Olubukunola is confident that Mighty God will appeal to a larger society.

"Everyone is not meant to do hip-hop; I don't do hip-hop and you will not find any trace of hip-hop on the album. I can sing different styles, but hip-hop is not for me. My brand of gospel music will stand me out and I believe the album will make a meaningful impact in the market," he said.

With mother and father singing professionally, one wonders how the couple copes with their parental role? "I would say that we have been able to manage the situation by the grace of God. But as parents, we always find time for our kids so we do not create any unnecessary vacuum. God has been in control, I must say, because our kids were given to us by God and God takes care of them and we are just guardians. We pray for them always and we also make sure that they are well taken care of as kids but God is the protector," she said.